What people are saying about The Craft of Writing Hit Songs:

Inspiring and Educational
April 12, 2012
By J. Callahan

5.0 out of 5 stars
“I originally purchased this DVD to assist me in running a songwriting program for inmates at a Federal Prison. Odie may write country songs, but this DVD can teach the basics of songwriting for any genre. I used the video the second week of the class and the inmates seemed to really get a lot from it. I still have inmates check it out of our music library from time to time to refresh on the information from the DVD. If you’re looking for inspiration and some direction in songwriting this DVD is going to be perfect.
This video not only helped me run the class, but it inspired me to get back into writing and following my dreams. It had been almost 10 years since I wrote a song. Now I’m back to the grind, more motivated than ever and writing every chance I get. I’ve even started making trips to Nashville to pitch my demos and network a little. I know the business end of songwriting is no walk in the park. I may never get a major cut, but I’m still thankful to Odie for getting me back to doing what I love…writing songs.” (amazon.com)

Essential for anyone interested in writing songs –
instructional AND inspirational

August 13, 2010
By Roger Stolle, music retailer/producer/marketer

5.0 out of 5 stars
The Craft of Writing Hit Songs DVD by successful songwriter Odie Blackmon offers even more than its title suggests. Whereas many music instruction products over-promise (sometimes a lot!), Blackmon’s is modest in its claims but provides truly useful advice and instruction — backed up by real-world experience and heart-felt inspiration. This guy REALLY knows his stuff, and it shows. After all, Blackmon has been writing hit songs for years, including George Strait’s #1 hit “She’ll Leave You with a Smile” and Lee Ann Womack’s Grammy-nominated “I May Hate Myself in the Morning”. He’s also been teaching songwriting workshops which is probably how this project came about. In the DVD, his professionalism, confidence and background come through loud and clear as he relays various song structures, writing concepts and personal anecdotes in a relaxed, practical way. It isn’t often that an instructional video is this compelling and easy to watch. Instead of an amateur wannabe giving strictly technical lessons or a rock star mostly telling road stories (spiked with a few pointers), Blackmon approaches “The Craft of Writing Hit Songs” as a comfortable one-on-one workshop — as if he’s sitting across from you in your living room and honestly concerned with what you learn. The product itself is professional filmed and produced, so it even looks and sounds great. In the end, “The Craft of Writing Hit Songs” is a DVD that beginning and experienced songwriters alike are likely to return to again and again for exacting instruction… and the inspiration to sit down and apply the lessons learned. I’ve never met Blackmon, but after watching his DVD, I felt like I had. And he seemed like an old friend. Highly recommended.” (amazon.com)